About Our Team

We're a family run business and our team really is part of the Promotag® family.


Finance and Admin

The Jack of all trades and master of none! Mastery is left to the Managers in their departments. I work on the finances, import and export as well as the research and development side of the business. Outdoors is where I am happiest. I Love to travel and enjoy good food, great wine and interesting company.


Sales & Marketing

A Jane of all trades within the company but recently my main focus is on Marketing, New Business Development and HR. Travel is my passion. I love experiencing new locations, people, cultures, traditions, architecture not to mention CUISINE and SHOPPING!


Office Manager

I started as the ‘lovely’ receptionist and upgraded to Account and Admin Manager. A Jane of all trades within the company, assuring you service excellence and customer satisfaction. I LOOOOVE to cook, making the best lasagna in town.



I am the ‘lovely’ receptionist and stock items sales lady. I am here to assist you with enquiries, invoices, collections and deliveries and I do so with enthusiasm and a smile. I enjoy watching movies and listening to music. I am also a master seamstress.


Lanyard Production

I ensure your lanyard orders are manufactured correctly and timeously. I’m goal driven and a bit of a perfectionist, so I don’t like it if things don’t go according to plan. I really enjoy this position and all the challenges it throws at me. I also enjoy keeping fit, eating correctly and reading spiritually enlightened books.


Sales & Enquiries

I handle all your lanyard enquiries and orders efficiently and effectively. I am a vibrant sassy chick! I have a fine eye for exquisite decor and expensive taste in fashion.


PA & Bookkeeping

I am PA to Cheryl, ensuring her needs are taken care of in time which always keeps me on my toes. I am a motivated person and always eager to learn. I enjoy family gatherings and parties! And, I love going to the cinema.


Stores Manager

I am the Stock and Stores Manager.  I manage all incoming and outgoing stock.  I prepare and dispatch all your orders and I am always willing to help you in my cheerful and happy nature! I have a huge passion for soccer and I am a VERY proud PIRATES supporter!


Trusty Driver

The trusty driver! I know where to go and how to get there quickly! A master on the roads with minimal traffic fines, I strive to get your orders delivered to you on time! I love cars… and Soccer of course.  I am an avid CHIEFS supporter.


Stores Assistant

I am the Stock and Stores Assistant and my job is to see that our stock levels are in order so that we can supply you with what you need and when you need it :). I enjoy watching TV reality shows and spending time with my family.


Sassy Cleaning Lady

I am responsible for keeping the office tidy and assisting in stores. I have a flair for fashion and can be a bit of a diva, but I keep everyone entertained with my bubbly personality and enthusiasm for life.  I love to write about my life, shopping and listening to music. 

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